Gautier Sears Gets New Look

The Sears store in Gautier's Singing River Mall got a chance to show off its new look at a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday morning. For several months crews have worked to remodel the 20 year old store and make changes to its layout. A few workers have been with the company for decades and have seen the face of Sears change.

November of 1977... that's when Anne Scranton started working at Sears in Pascagoula.

She said, "Sears has changed dramatically over the years. It keeps the job interesting."

An interesting note about Scranton--26 years ago Scranton was hired as a cashier. Today, she's a human resources manager.

She said, "Dedication and hard work always pay off but you also have to enjoy what you're doing."

Scranton isn't the only one who enjoys what she does. Two of her co-workers have been with the store for 26 years as well.

When asked what it takes to find happiness in the workplace all have a different answer.

Hazel Christopher said, "I think it's teamwork. Working with people whether it's customers or your fellow associates. If you don't work together it makes it awfully hollow but if you do you can tackle any task."

Shelia Jones said, "Cooperation, Patience, a lot of hard work. It's been really nice working here at Sears. Most of us are like family, and if you can get you some good people to work with, you'll be all right."

Scranton said, "I think you have to believe in what you're doing and feel like you're doing something to help and it has to be, of course, an interesting place to work."

And for now Scranton said her work is still interesting enough to keep her coming back day after day.

"I do have enough years and enough age to retire but I think probably until they come in and say 'OK it's time for you to go home' I will just keep right on working and loving the people and things that I do," she said.

The Sears in Gautier currently employs more than one hundred Jackson County residents.