Biloxi Considers "Fare" Rate For Airport Taxi Rides

Airport passengers have a choice. They can ask their cab driver to take Highway 90 or I-10 to Biloxi. I-10 is the quicker way. But because it's two miles longer, it's also the more expensive way. Biloxi councilman Bill Fluty thinks "that's misleading."

Fluty and his colleagues on Biloxi's taxicab subcommittee want to end the fare confusion. For the past few months, they've considered a new ordinance that puts a $32 cap on cab fares from the airport to the city.

Cab Company owner Watson Perrin likes the idea.  "My opinion is that I'm for a flat rate," he said, noting "it does have to have a ceiling."

A two hour public hearing gave the taxicab committee a chance to hear a variety of opinions on the cab fare issue. For instance, cab company manager Earl Ross said, "I'm in favor for a cap, although I think it needs to be more than just one rate."

One of the ideas that came up at the public hearing was for the city to go to a system where taxi meters are still used -- until they reach the maximum rate that can be charged per zone. In other words, a ride from the airport to Beau Rivage or Casino Row would cost up to one capped price. And a ride to Kitty Barq's hotel would be slightly less.

Barq said, "I think as long as everybody knows what it's going to cost them to go to whatever area, zone ideas are great."

All Barq cares about is what the city and the taxicab owners say they care about -- that passengers get a fair deal when they ride a cab from the airport to Biloxi.