Summer Fair brings more than "fair" fun

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The fair is here, and that means thrills and spills have settled in for ten days of family fun.

"It's about creature comforts; it's about interesting things, game hype.  You'll be able to bring the kids, and have a family experience," said Coast Coliseum Executive Director Bill Holmes.

"It's the summer and kids want to have fun at the fair, and we want to get on all the rides," said fair visitor Sheranidan Burton.

The annual Summer Fair has all the old favorites: you can step right up and brave the stomach swirling rides, and play a few games to win prizes.  However, there are also a few new twists.

"All of our shows are new. We've got an acrobat show, we've got a rattle snake educational show, we increased the family toddler tent," said Holmes.

There is also a band called Street Beat that uses recycled cans and buckets to create music, and high energy dance routines to wow the crowds.

All the fun is provided on a budget.  The fair has free admission Monday through Thursday, and $20 gets you on any ride all night long.

"There's so much to see and do constantly, and that's what we've tried to bring here: family fun, clean, educational, something that when you come you leave with a very heartfelt experience," said Holmes.

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