Space Camp Provides Fun For All

Six little guys and their special guests helped launch the premiere family affair Astro Camp into orbit.

It's the first time Stennis Space Center has opened this 7-hour space lesson to grandparents - which involves learning everything from air rockets to these solid rockets, which can shoot up to 1200 feet.

"It actually came because of some grandparents that talked to us and some parents that talked to us and said this is great and we would like to experience it with the children. We're also looking forward to bringing the children together with the grandparents," said Astro Camp director Marie Lott.

Marvin Carpenter retired from Stennis after 25 years. He thought it would be neat to bring his two grandsons to learn something about what he used to do.

"First we learned about what makes a rocket go, and things like that. And then we built a little rocket out of alkaseltzer and water and then we learned about what's in the engines and the rockets and the stages of how the rocket engines blast off and how they launch," said Carpenter's grandson Timothy.

The camp gave grandparents an opportunity to help their little ones reach for the stars no matter what their future careers.

And hopefully, these kids will remember the good times and the encouragement from their grandparents, and pass it along to future generations.