Moss Point tackles eyesores in the city

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - You probably can imagine how frustrating it would be to live next to a condemned property.  Moss Point officials agree and now they're tackling eyesores that are spread across the city.

Jerry Jacobson said he is sick and tired of living next to an awful eyesore in Moss Point.

"The hole is big enough on the roof to make a swimming pool out of; the inside is all rotten, it is of no value," Jacobson said.

The city said it condemned the Main Street Property, but Jacobson wants it cleared.

"I see rats running on the wires, big rats. People come in the door that is open back here. I keep a loaded shotgun by my bed because of this house."

Moss Point's new building inspector, James Hagan, agrees structures with overgrown weeds and walls falling down are unsafe and don't belong in nice neighborhoods.

"I would refuse to live next to something like this," Hagan said.

The city has contacted owners to cleanup their condemned properties, but Hagan said a lot them have not done much work.

"Right now, we have identified 15."

So those 15 properties, and a few other eyesores, are now going on a violation list. City leaders plan to hold a public hearing next month on whether to tear them down.

"After hearing all the evidence, the board can decide if it is a menace to the neighborhood. If they do, we give X amount of days a week, if they want to come in and do anything to it," Hagan said about the process. "Then after that, we are authorized to come in on private property and take care of the problem ourselves."

Hagan said the crackdown is a must if the city wants to ever improve its neighborhoods and image.

"It has been going on for too long, and they have sat in areas for too long, and they need to be addressed now."

Hagan said all the properties he showed WLOX are on the condemned list. The public hearing for the Moss Point structures will be held July 19th.

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