Raw sewage leaves a nasty mess for neighbors

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The last thing anyone wants to see in their neighborhood is raw sewage spewing all over the street. Neighbors say West Simmons Circle in Gulf Park Estates has been dealing with the mess for years.

"This is raw sewage straight from the sewer head here," Tammy Shelton said.

That pool of mess has left Shelton's Gulf Park Estates neighborhood pretty stinky.

"It smells like your toilet, looks like urine. It is brown muck."

She noticed the leak early Tuesday morning, and admits this is nothing new for her neighborhood. Since moving there in 2002, Shelton said she's seen 30 or so nasty leaks.

"I am appalled."

And at times, she said, the raw, smelly waste flows out like a fountain making it hard to even walk outside.

"I am talking about six to eight inches when the pressure is high."

The raw sewage has to go somewhere and neighbors said it is going into Davis Bayou, affecting the water and everything in it.

"This is where people are swimming, this is where you fish, and this is where people eat."

Total Environmental Solutions, or TESi, maintains and operates the waste pumping stations in Shelton's area.

"I am angry. They can fix this," Shelton said as she looked at the raw sewage. "We don't understand, and this is TESi wide cause I have talked to people up the road and they have similar problems."

About 30 minutes after WLOX News arrived, TESi workers showed up. They poured white powdery bacteria cleaner over the raw sewage and used a truck to suck up the mess.

Off camera, company workers assert that it was a mechanical failure with one of the pumps and corrective actions have been taken. But Shelton said TESi is only putting a band-aid on the problem and hopes workers find some way eliminate this nasty leak.

"Fix the lift station, that is the problem. So you can call this a temporary fix, but that is a joke."

TESi's Assistant Manager, Steve Jones, told WLOX News the pumps near Shelton's location have been in service two years or less, and another pump has now been added to help the system.  After the cleanup, MDEQ was also informed of the spill.

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