Carrie's Blog: We're off on an amazing trip!

WLOX Meteorologist Carrie Duncan is on a west coast trip with a group of WLOX viewers. She'll be checking in with us throughout the trip. Here's how things are going so far:

This is going to be an amazing trip! The flight out is stunning so far.

As I type this, we are cruising at 45,000 feet over the snow covered Sierra Nevadas. It is breath taking. I almost screamed "SNOW" when I saw it, but refrained.

I am with a very vibrant group of people from the coast: eight ladies and three men. We'll meet up with another group and then start our trek to Yosemite.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing everything there is to see. I heard the waterfalls are going to be amazing because of all the recent rain. I already feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, and it's only going to get better!!!

Oh, and it's 61 degrees in San Francisco right now. It is cloudy and maybe some rain, but I'll take the break from the 100 degree weather. Y'all can have it for the week!

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