Moss Point Neighbors Don't Want Garbage Company Moving In

DisposAll has been operating on Old Spanish Trail in Gautier since 1997. Fifteen trucks haul about 100-tons of garbage a day from Jackson and Harrison Counties. If the trucks ever need repairs or maintenance, the work takes place under an outdoor canopy.

Pam McNair is the owner.

"Our mechanics have been working out in the dirt o.k.?  We have no maintenance facilities".

So when the company found the former B-and-S Trucking building in Moss Point, it thought it found its new home. McNair said "It's got everything we need to work on our trucks, and this is the perfect place".

But many neighbors say the garbage company is not welcome here.

"We don't want no garbage here. They promise there won't be no smell, but it's in the community and everybody's afraid of it," Delores McCarty said.

The McCarty's are upset because the company would operate right behind their neighborhood on Frederick Street, and the sewage and garbage trucks would turn right by their house.

"You can't say it's not going to smell, because that's what it is. I mean, it's a garbage truck. That's not respecting me. I pay taxes here, and that's not respecting the community," Jessie McCarty said.

His wife said, "That's what we're afraid of, the odor back there washing over to us after they're empty. We're afraid they might contaminate the soil".

But DisposAll's owner says her company doesn't emit any odors or pose any environmental hazards.

"We roll out of here empty in the mornings. We go pick up, we collect garbage, we go and we take it to the landfill or the transfer station, and we come back in here empty. Understand that we do not bring garbage back here. Basically, all we are is a hauling company," McNair said.

McNair says once residents, like the McCarty's, learn more about her business, that will bring an end to the controversy. The residents are gathering signatures of people who are against DispolAll's plans to move to their neighborhood. They will present the petition to the city Planning Commission on November 10th.