Students Honored For Protecting Schools From Violence

Reed Park in Picayune turned into a huge playground Wednesday for more than 250-students. Picayune Memorial High Student Erin Fortenberry said "It's actually a lot of fun, a lot of food, a lot of games. We get to socialize a lot, and miss school".

But skipping school is not something these students normally do. They're the good guys -- members of the "Campus Security Council" at Picayune Memorial High and Pearl River Central High.

Picayune Police Officer David Ervin said "This is rewarding them for what they've been able to accomplish. We're proud of our schools, and we're proud of our students. These students are not afraid to express that it's good to be honest, it's good to have integrity, it's good have pride in your school".

The Fall Extravaganza honored the students for being leaders and for volunteering to keep their campuses safe. Fortenberry said "We go and visit the elementary schools, and let them know that if they prevent crime at a young age, they won't have problems in the future".

Dorthee Harvey is a senior at Pearl River Central High. She said "Last year, we had some things with guys wanting to box after school, and think it was all cool. But, we just got together and we talked to them about it, and we just came to a resolution".

One of the biggest surprises at the picnic came from the Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Frank Melton chose a student from the crowd and awarded her a full scholarship to any college in Missisippi.

Picayune 9th Grader Jalishia Huderson was the lucky winner. She beamed and said "I was like Oh my God! What am I getting into? Then he gave me a scholarship. I was like, my mom's going to be like Yeah! She's going to go crazy".

Not a bad ending to an already rewarding day. Huderson says she wants to study to become a CIA agent someday. The scholarship money came from the "T-V Three Foundation" headed by Frank Melton.