Fayard, Garber Face Off In Hancock County Sheriff's Race

In less than a month, Hancock County voters will go to the polls to choose the man they want to hold the County's top law enforcement job.

Republican Rick Fayard has more than 12 years of experience in law enforcement. He's currently a Patrol Supervisor for the Bay St. Louis Police Department.

"The difference between myself and the current sheriff is that I have practical law enforcement experience, where his background is that of an administrator. What I bring to the department is stability, organization and leadership," Rick Fayard said.

Democrat incumbent Steve Garber says his accomplishments over the past 4 years prove he's a leader.

"We've come in hard with our narcotics enforcement and we're going to continue working hard in narcotics. We're starting to see a reduction in our other crimes now," Steve Garber said.

But Rick Fayard disagrees.

"The narcotics division, though they're doing an effective job, it's just scratching the surface. What they're doing is just getting street level people. The only way to effectively irradiate narcotics in Hancock County is we have to follow the money. We have to follow the narcotics back to its source and irradiate it," Fayard said.

Steve Garber is already looking toward the future.

"We're moving with the times. We've brought in technology, we've brought in education to the department. Let's make that investment back into the people who are going to serve the citizens. Let's get them the equipment they need to properly do their jobs, then we can buy the toys."

Sheriff Garber says most of the new technology the department has gotten has come from grants.

Rick Fayard says the first thing he'll do if elected is put more patrol officers on the streets.

Voters will have the final say when they make their selection November 4th.

by Al Showers