Long Beach Mom Shares Pain After Losing Son To Drug Addiction

Sandi Dixon pointed to a Halloween picture and said "Oh my God, that outfit!" The picture collage captured happier times for the Buza family. 31-year old Steven, or "Moose", loved life, football, and especially his 7-year old son John William.

Dixon would rather remember the smiles, but says she will never forget the tears the day she found her son, Steven, dead of a drug overdose.

"He was laying on the bed and he wasn't breathing, and I knew."

Steven's battle with drugs began when he was 19-years old. He hurt his back while working for an office supply company. He started taking prescription Loratabs, but it wasn't enough.

"He was in a lot of pain, and the pain medication wasn't working. God knows who offered him an Oxycontin, and that was the end of it from there. From that one Oxycontin, he could not kick the habit."

To feed his habit, Steven turned to doctors in Houston, New Orleans and Alabama.

"I'd say 'Steven, God help me, I never want to pick up a daily newspaper and find my son's picture in there, or my son's name listed as another casualty in Long Beach.' And he'd say 'mother, don't worry.'"

Steven agreed to go to rehab, but that didn't work. Eventually, he lost his job, his house, his wife, and then his life. Now, Steven's mom wants to make sure the addiction that killed her son, doesn't take another life.

"Whether they're a teenager or an adult, or even a little child, this stuff is taking lives, and it doesn't care who it takes. Do something about it and get your child help before you have to go visit your child where I don't want to visit my child, and that's the cemetery".

Sandi Dixon says her son loved children. She asks that donations to the family be sent to St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, in Steven Buza's memory.