Ohr O'Keefe Museum to change coverage

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Work continues on the Ohr O'Keefe Museum in Biloxi. But their insurance coverage may be changing soon.

Tuesday, Biloxi City Council members were called for a special meeting because the mayor received an e-mail saying the museum's coverage was ending at midnight Tuesday. It turns out, the coverage will last until July 14th.

Attorney Ron Peresich told council members if they used a different insurance company, the Ohr O'Keefe could save money by insuring itself instead of going through the city's policy.

"So that's the plan that's being pursued right now," Peresich said. "We don't have the exact numbers yet, but it's a substantial amount less than if they were added to the city's insurance policy. So that's what the board is working on now. And it looks to me like it's going to be a much better deal for the museum. It will be an amount of money they can handle."

No word yet on when the change may take place.

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