Gulfport Seabees Are Home From Iraq

All of our Gulfport Seabees are back home. The final group of about 280 seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Seven flew in to the Air National Guard Base early Friday morning.

1:30 AM. Crowd gathers with signs and umbrellas waiting anxiously for the troops to arrive.

"This morning's been crazy and I've had butterflies all day, waiting for Lance. I'm going to probably attack him and hope that he took a shower before he left," girlfriend of NMCB 7 member Lisa Spencer said.

"We wouldn't care if it was snowing. We don't care, we are just so excited," NMCB friend Terre Farwell said.

"This is what he said he was going to have for his daddy so his daddy knows where he's at," NMCB mother Cathy Combs said as she held up a homemade sign.

"We just got here at about 4 o'clock this afternoon. There it is. He's here," NMCB father John Martinez said as the plane arrived and the crowd cheered.

1:40 AM. The plane arrived and our Seabees are home.

"Welcome back good job," fellow Seabees said to the troops as the exited the plane.

Handshakes and smiles awaited on the ground, while hugs and kisses were just a little farther away.

"My children have just grown so much, it's amazing to see them. It's amazing to be back here and just enjoy being with them again," NMCB 7 Seabee Joe Yott said.

"Just to get off that plane and see my girl, I wouldn't miss it. It was wonderful, best feeling in the world," NMCB 7 member Daniel Evans said.

2:15 AM. All members of NMCB 7 were back at home, safe and sound. The world, a little bit safer place.

Much of th equipment the Seabees used in Kuwait and Iraq remains overseas, and will be brought back later.