Vietnam Veteran supports troops with RV project

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It's a patriotic project that involves magic markers and a motor home. And Vietnam Veteran George Jones is inviting everyone to participate.

Jones has parked his RV on Pass Road in Gulfport just west of Hewes Avenue. As he was preparing for Memorial Day, he got an idea for a "support the troops" campaign.

"I set my motor home up here. I've been here since Sunday morning," said Jones, as he stood beside his RV and a homemade sign, encouraging folks to stop by.

With a camo hat shading his face, he solicits support for the troops. He's inviting folks to sign his RV. The goal is to fill the sides of the motor home with hand written, heartfelt messages.

"Just please come down and sign my RV. Tell our troops. Tell them how much you care. How much you love them. How much you support them," he said.

On busy Pass Road, his patriotic write-on-the-RV campaign is attracting attention. Janie Giglio proudly signed her name and husband Bob's, who's also a Vietnam Vet.

"It's different. We saw him from across the street. And we said we've got to go find out what's going on. And this is nice. This is nice. Give our country a little boost here," she said.

"I am very proud to do this, support my troops," said 15 year old Andrew Bourassa, who has an uncle in Afghanistan.

"It's really nice to see that some people back home care a lot for our troops. Enough to do this," said the teen.

Jones said the outpouring of support tells him it's well worth enduring several days of heat and humidity.

"When you think about what our troops are doing for us, that pales in comparison. Very much pales in comparison to what they are doing for our freedoms, which we sometimes take for granted," said Jones.

Dusty Williams doesn't take it for granted. This Vietnam vet says public support for the soldiers is crucial.

"It's the most important thing in the world. They have to know that we support them. All the way," said Williams.

"I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm just an American. And I love our troops," added his wife, Linda Williams.

"They can come down here and tell our troops anything they want to say. Let our troops know that you care and that you're behind them," said Jones.

His plan is to fill the RV with "support the troops" messages, then drive to New York City. He's hoping it might catch some national attention and help spread the message of support.

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