Project to make some Gulfport roadways safer almost complete

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Drainage ditches are being repaired on several busy Gulfport roadways.

The work is being done because the old drainage pipes are rusted which causes the roadways to dangerously flood during heavy rainstorms.

One neighbor said he has been waiting many years for this project to be done and cannot wait to see the finished product.

Resident Don Duffus said, "Street would back up with water and we'd have seven to eight to ten inches of water here. And it's flooded out my house because the water had nowhere to go."

Heavy machinery dug deep into the soil prepping for new concrete drainage pipes to be placed along Gulfport's busy Gould Road. Don Duffus has lived on Gould Road for more than ten years. He said he is happy to see his front yard punctured with construction holes.

"We had so much water standing out here before that it was a big hazard," said Duffus.

A hazard Ward 6 Councilman R. Lee Flowers said it had to be corrected.

Flowers said, "The water pools in the road and people have to move over into the on coming lane of traffic to go around the water. And it also backs up deep enough in points that it will enter into some homes when it gets really bad."

The drainage construction on Gould Road and West Dogwood Drive is being done for the safety of area residents. Flowers said due to the massive amounts of flooding the old pipes are now being replaced.

"They're tearing out the old wrinkled tin culverts that had been in place for many years when the original subdivision was built. They've rusted, they've clogged, they've collapsed and they weren't flowing anymore," said Flowers.

As the dirt was turned over, new pipes settled deep in to the ground making way for thousands of gallons of rain water.

Duffus said, "I think it's fantastic. And hopefully it will give a place for all the water to go to."

The city of Gulfport set aside more than $100,000 to fund this project.

Councilman Flowers said the project should be finished in about four days.

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