Gulfport Memorial Day Blowout rolls through the coast

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The hogs packed the grounds of the Gulfport Dragway for the annual Gulfport Memorial Day Weekend Blowout.

Unpredictable weather early in the week had organizers a little worried at first, but everything appears to have panned out just fine.

All weekend, the Gulfport Dragway has echoed the sounds of roaring engines, as thousands of bikers and spectators alike made their way down for the Annual Memorial Day Blowout.

Over the years, the Blowout has created a name for itself drawing in visitors from all over the nation.

Smokey Stepputat has been spear-heading this charitable event since it's inception. He said he's proud of 29 successful years, plus the fact that the mission has remained the same.

"We hope to promote a better image of bikers and motorcycle clubs. We'd like to support the community, and hope everyone else does to," said Stepputat.

With months of planning, tireless effort and the support of local and nationwide bikers, organizers say the event has been a success. And that's good news because of the many adversities this event has survived.

"We have a fair crowd today. Our weather has gotten better and more people are starting to show up. The economy has taken a dip, the BP Oil spill took a dip. So we have a fair crowd, and we're making a recovery since Katrina," said Stepputat.

The three day event is packed with races, live music, vendors and various contests to show visitors a good time.

And don't let these Bikers tough exterior fool you. Organizers say their goal is to have fun while also benefiting charities in the community.

"The Asgards wear a patch that says 'My word, My honor' and that has held true for over 25 years. They've never missed not being one of our main, if not the main, benefactor of the MS Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society," said Tommy Braeux, President of the MS Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society.

If you missed out this year, organizers say make sure you catch it next year because it's going to be even better.

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