Customers finding shrimp at good prices

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Shrimp is on the menu for a lot of holiday bashes, but will customers find the selection they're used to this Memorial Day weekend? Friday, people arrived at the Biloxi Harbor with coolers in hand to buy fresh shrimp.

The Mississippi shrimp season kicked off this week, much earlier than usual. There are concerns that freshwater from the Mississippi River could have a negative effect on the harvest.

We asked some customers what they think about what's coming in.

"The price was really good," one customer said. "It was $1.75 a pound. You about can't beat it, but they were a little bit small. But we're still going to eat them."

"We got 12 pounds for $20, so that's a good price," Jim Shippee said. "Good looking shrimp. Medium, you know... Look good to me."

"One size is a little bit small and the other size is big. There's not any in between," another man said.

Some of the shrimpers we spoke to Friday said Mississippi shrimp have been hard to find.

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