Teens struggle to find a summer job

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - 19-year-old Brennan Fertitta of Waveland is hoping to find a summer job so he can save money for college this fall.

He said over the past three weeks he's filled out more than 50 job applications on-line and in person.

"I keep on going in trying to talk to managers and either no one is hiring or they don't need anyone at the time. Basically the same story over and over."

According to the Labor Department, unemployment among youth is the highest of any age group right now at 25.6 percent nation-wide.

Leaders at the Waveland WIN Job Center said unfortunately employment for teens on the Coast this summer does not look much better.

"At this time we have very few job listings for anyone under 18 years of age," said Angelia Fontenot, the manager of the job center.

Fontenot blames the poor outlook on a weak national economy.

"To hire a new employee now with the economy like it is, it's probably a really scary decision for an employer to add on one more expense," explained Fontenot.

She said a tight job market means teens are likely competing with adults for jobs. Lawns are not necessarily being cut by teens and cars are not just being washed by teenagers.

Brennan Fertitta said he knows its tough but he will continue to fill out applications in hopes of something eventually coming through.

Leaders at the WIN Job Center encourage teens to register with one of their centers along the Coast. They offer a variety of services designed to help people find work.

Teens or anyone looking for employment can check out the job listings on our web-site.