Ocean Springs requests water conservation

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Although a passing thunderstorm gave Ocean Springs a much-needed soaking Thursday afternoon, there are still drought-related concerns. That's why Ocean Springs is asking residents to voluntarily help conserve water.

The mayor asks that even numbered addresses water on Tuesdays, and odd numbered addresses water on Thursdays.

Water levels are getting extremely low at Ocean Springs' four elevated water tanks. Doug Parker lives just down the street from one of the towers.  We found him watering a thirsty yard.

"We're doing the best we can, basically," said Parker.

He runs the sprinkler every few days to keep the grass green and waters his wife's prized plants along the porch.

"If we don't get some rain, I guess we're going to have to cut out the sprinklers and everything on account of that we need the water here in town. But I'm hoping we're gonna get some rain before long," he said.

Linda Ventura's yard in Magnolia Bayou is struggling.

"It has been awful and I pray for rain, I really do," she said.

Unlike some folks who have a separate meter that makes watering the lawn far more affordable, Ventura doesn't have that benefit.

But she is hoping some fun with the grand kids will help her brown grass.

"Now we may splash a little water out here today, 'cause I bought them a "Slip-n-Slide." And that might keep some alive," she said with a smile.

When the water level inside the city's water tanks gets too low, an alarm sounds at public works.  And it's been sounding a lot lately.

"We're asking people to be more conservative in watering their lawns. We're even asking even numbered addresses to water their lawns on Tuesday and odd numbered addresses to water their lawns on Thursdays. And that way we'll have even water flow throughout the city," said Mayor Connie Moran.

During the shooting of our water conservation story in Ocean Springs, an afternoon thunderstorm popped up and it began raining heavily. But with the coast facing a 15 inch rainfall deficit this year, it will take more than a few afternoon thunderstorms to eliminate the drought.

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