Moss Point homeowner wants leaky fire hydrant fixed

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Water flows non-stop from a fire hydrant in front of Carolyn Anderson's home. She said it's been that way more than a week, ever since a fireman inspected the fire hydrant on May 16th.

"He was doing an annual check of it and it started leaking, and he would have someone comeback out here on Wednesday," Anderson stated.  "I talked with someone in the Public Works Department and they said they had just got the order and a part needed to be ordered. And here it is Monday of the following week, and my water hydrant is still leaking."

Anderson said the leaking hydrant has affected the water pressure in her home and she's concerned if a house fire would erupt in the neighborhood.

"What would happen if we had a house fire in the neighborhood and the fire department needed to use the leaky fire hydrant?"

Anderson said the response from Moss Point city officials has been disappointing.

"It's pretty shameful that a citizen would have to take these measures to get something done as minor as a leaking water hydrant," Anderson said. "And it seems that most of the residents here are not satisfied with our city officials here in Moss Point, from the mayor on down. And I'm not the only one here in the city upset with the city administration."

I attempted to speak to the mayor and city clerk. Both were in their offices, but both refused to be interviewed.

Mayor Aneice Liddell's assistant told me the mayor was in a meeting and didn't know when she'd be available.

The mayor's assistant did say the mayor was aware of the problem and had contacted the Public Works Department.

The leaky fire hydrant now has the attention of the Public Works Project Manager, Cephus Sinklea, who told me he would drive over to Anderson's home himself to see if his department could stop the leak.

That's the answer Carolyn Anderson wanted all along.

"It seems like there's not a sense of urgency from our city officials," Anderson said.

A part that should fix the leak is expected to arrive shortly.

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