Pascagoula schools put 5th, 6th graders under one roof

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The Pascagoula School District is changing school structure with the goal of better preparing students for middle and high school. All 5th and 6th graders in Pascagoula will now attend one school.

When Pascagoula students move to middle school, they transition from one teacher to a seven period day with multiple teachers. Educators have found that can be difficult from some.

"Some fifth graders are still 10, 11 years old. So they struggle with how I keep up with all my materials, expectations," Pascagoula Schools Assistant Superintendent Belinda Dammen said.

As part of the school district's new restructuring plan, every 5th grade student will now have a team of three teachers at Trent Lott.

"They will have a language arts teacher, which will teach reading, language arts and spelling. Then they will have math teacher, and a science and social studies teacher."

In 6th grade, the structure changes to four teachers.

"So they add another teacher in there, a little more organization, and of course, when they go to Colmer Middle School they go to a seven period day," Dammen said.

The principal of Trent Lott agrees the adjustment will help with organizational and academic growth.

"We have the continuity of having two years to watch them and push them as far as we possibility can push them in two years. And I know great things are going to happen," Dr. Shannon Vincent said.

This restructuring program is part of the district's 2007 strategic plan to improve education.

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