2011 Memorial Holiday weekend looking better than last year

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - At Gulf Islands National Seashore, visitors are treated to spectacular views of Mother Nature.  The problem last year was hardly anybody came to enjoy the vistas because of the giant oil spill in the Gulf.  Things are starting to turn around, just in time for the holiday weekend.

"This whole Spring we've had really higher numbers than we've had in the past few years, and I expect that will be something that will turn into a trend for the weekend as well," Park Ranger Stacy Speas said. "We have lots of picnics scheduled, and we have lots of events scheduled in the park."

At Snapper's Seafood Restaurant, the view of the Gulf can't be beat.  This weekend looks to be a good one, thanks to word of mouth, according to Restaurant Manager Charles Fagan.

"People come down here and they have just such a wonderful time," Fagan said. "They go home, they tell somebody how good their time was and they send friends.  It's great."

At the Four Points Sheraton, it's hard to remember last year's spill when looking out a 10th floor window.  But Manager Kenny Glavan remembers those painful five months very well.

"Last year was very challenging," Glavan said.

When you take a look at Memorial Day 2010, at the height of the Gulf oil spill, and compare those with projected numbers for this coming Memorial Day, there is no comparison.

"I think this Memorial Day is a rebound year.  We're seeing strong reservations.  We have probable sellouts for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday," Glavan said.

The official holiday period begins Friday night at 6pm, and ends Monday night at 6pm.

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