Man Shot By Next-Door Neighbor

A man is in the hospital Saturday after being shot by his next-door neighbor. At about 12:40, Gulfport police responded to the 100th block of Robin Court in the Villa Del Rey Community. Upon arrival at the scene investigators found the victim, 24-year-old, Kevin Preston, lying outside near a car.

Late Saturday night, police are still looking for the suspect, 18-year-old Carlos Williams.

Villa Del Rey community member, Mallie Chislom looked in dismay as officers investigated what happened. It was just a few minutes earlier that Chislom finished cutting the grass in both William's and Preston's yards, when he decided to take a break.

"So I went onto my house and used the bathroom, just as I got back to my front door to come out, that's when I heard the shot," Chislom said.

At first, Chislom didn't know what the noise was.

"I said oh, firecracker, that sounds kind of loud, that's the first thing I said," Chislom said.

Another neighbor noticed what really happened. "She come running out, running across and said, somebody got shot; I said sure enough?" Chislom said.

To Chislom's surprise, he saw the man who had just watched him cut the grass.

"He was laying there, beside of that car," Chislom said, pointing to a car in the driveway.

Police units quickly responded to the scene and secured the area.

"We started the search for the suspect, at first believed to be still on the scene, but we determined once we got here, that he fled on foot," Gulfport Police Officer Ben Taylor said.

At that time, Preston, still alert, gave a statement to investigators before being taken to the hospital.

"It appears that there was an apparent dispute between two neighbors, which led to a shooting, the suspect shot the victim," Taylor said.

Police say good neighbors like Mallie Chislom deserve a swift resolution to this case.

Gulfport police identify the suspect as 18-year-old Carlos Williams. He was last seen wearing a white muscle shirt and black pants.

If you have any information on the case, please call Gulfport police at 868-5959.