Silt and mud threaten popular Jackson Co. boating spot

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - There's a dirty problem at the Lake Mars pier and boat launch in Jackson County. Randy Canady and his son Russell said they can't believe the mess that's formed here.

"It looks like a mud desert," Randy said. "I have never seen this much mud at pier."

The father and son along with others boaters said mother nature is pushing large amounts of silt to the area and its invading the popular boating spot.

"It has been like this since the Winter and it keeps building up," boater Kenneth Green said. "It just keeps getting more mud in there."

These folks said they can't even launch a boat here anymore because of the silt and mud.

"I am kind of upset that we have a brand new facility out here that we can't even use," Randy said. "It is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible because we paid taxpayer money to get this thing put together."

Jackson county resident Kenneth Green agreed the boating launch is convenient.

"It saves a lot of gas, time, and money to launch here," Green said.

Jackson County Supervisor John McKay said he understands these boaters' frustrations.

"No one is more upset about the current conditions of Lake Mars than I am. But last year, we had a lot of winter storms that pushed in straight from the south end and our Mississippi Sound is full of silt," McKay said.

McKay said he is working with DMR on a long term plan to prevent future problems.

"We are going to try to get funding to 45 degree the jetties at the channel. That will stop the flow of the water and mud into the channel and prevent the silt," McKay said.

McKay and the county also figured out a short term fix.

"The immediate solution is to dredge the channel and hopefully that will last two years for us," McKay said.

Lake Mars Landing was built in 2008 and  McKay said the county expected it would have to be dredged every three to five years.

The county expects to have the muddy mess cleaned up in another six to eight weeks.  McKay said unfortunately, the boating launch will not be ready for use by Memorial Day weekend.

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