Blackmon Supporters React To Abortion Issue In Campaign

Hundreds of people gathered on the grounds of Tullis Manor to back the woman they predict will become Mississippi's next Lieutenant Governor.

While the were eager to show support, many did not mind voicing their opinions on the potentially dangerous cloud over the lieutenant governor's race.

We asked some Blackmon supporters whether the issue of abortion is proper in a political campaign.

"I'm personally against abortion and when I was in the legislature I offered a constitutional amendment to prohibit it, so there's a wide range of opinions on the issue. It's certainly one of many that should be debated along with education and fairness to South Mississippi," said Gerald Blessey.

"I think it is a question when one proclaims to be pro-life, then I think the counter of that is important. always. Definitely you need just the facts and the truth of any issue," said Robert Simmons.

"Abortion issue had no business in this campaign. Abortions are personal and done on individual basis, and it has no place in this campaign. None whatsoever," said Frances Fredericks.

The abortion issue in this campaign definitely has voters talking.

According to Professor Denise von Herrmann, it's an effective strategy in politics to liven up the game a few weeks before the election.

But it could get worse.

"I think it can go a lot lower. If you look at the closer the race gets , the more likely it is the candidate who perceives herself to be in the lower position is going to go negative. We see that not only in Mississippi but out in the California governor's race , we've seen that in presidential campaigns. So that's to be expected, that the person who is in a tight race is probably going to be resorting to more negativity than the person who is very comfortable with their margin," said Professor von Herrmann.

Senator Blackmon says she was not accusing anyone of anything. She was simply putting her abortion stance on the record in a written affidavit.

Lieutenant Governor Amy Tuck says she is pro-life in her personal and professional life and is proud of her record on the issue.