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Blackmon, Tuck Wrestle Over Abortion Issue

On Wednesday, democratic Lt. Governor candidate Barbara Blackmon told a Jackson television station that Amy Tuck needed to be truthful about her abortion stance. A day later, she came to the coast and answered more specific questions about whether she was accusing Tuck of once having an abortion.

"I'm not accusing anyone of anything," she said.

Blackmon said she was simply putting her abortion stance on the record in a written affidavit. "I just wanted the public to know that my views are basically the views of mainstream Mississippi," the democrat said. "I've chosen life. And I haven't had an abortion."

On the day after her abortion comments made news, Blackmon had lunch with members of the Biloxi Businessmen's Club. Nobody in the club asked her any questions about the abortion debate.

 On Wednesday, the democrat's camp used a 1990 newspaper report about Amy Tuck's pro-choice beliefs back then to question Lt. Governor's recent endorsement from a pro-life organization. "I just find it hypocritical that an entity who attacks a candidate saying they're pro-choice, and now all of a sudden embraces that candidate," Blackmon said. "It doesn't give any credence to what they really stand for."

Here's how the Lt. Governor responded to Blackmon's claim. "I have no idea what she is referring to. But I can certainly tell you, look at my record. You can look at my record. It's a 100% pro-life," she said.

That's why the nation's largest pro-life organization put its support behind the incumbent. "This is an issue that is important to me," Tuck said. "I will sign an oath saying I have been pro life in my personal life. I have been pro life in my professional life."

When Barbara Blackmon was asked whether she was pro-life or pro-choice, the democrat said she chose life when she gave birth to two wonderful sons. But she also said that as an attorney she had a sworn duty to uphold the law of the land. In this case, the law is Roe versus Wade. And it gives women the right to have abortions.

by Brad Kessie

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