Page 13: Carving art out of stone

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Richard Farragut searches for something special in pieces of natural stone.

"Each one, each color has a different personality. You never know what you'll get until you start carving the stone," Farragut says as he carves a design into a piece of granite.

It might be a fish, or a crab, carved into granite, sandstone, travertine or marble. This Pass Christian natives says his favorite stone images have a coastal flavor.

"Mostly wildlife from the coast. Herons, fish, turtles. Those are always nice to carve out."

Richard owns Stone Design Gulf Coast. They specialize in stone countertops. The hand carved stone art is an extension of his business.

When he finishes a counter job, there are always leftover pieces or remnants. Rather than discard them, Richard decided to turn these pieces into art.

"It's a shame to throw it into the landfill. We've held on to pieces for years and have come up with a use," Farragut said.

The stone comes from all over the world. In some cases, it's millions of years old. Richard starts with a sketch, then diamond blades on hand tools help Farragut find a treasure buried in the rock.

Farragut says imagination and a steady hand create art for the ages.

"You can do a lot with it. Anything you can visualize, there is a stone you can create with. Then it's there forever."

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