South Mississippians respond to Gulfport man in need of ramp

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Monday, Action Reporter AJ Giardina told us about a Gulfport man who needed a ramp to get in and out of his home. The response was overwhelming.

The spirit of giving by South Mississippians was more than evident Monday night and into Tuesday morning as volunteers arrived to give assistance to Lyman and Pauline Holland. They said their telephone rang off the hook.

"It continued on till 9:30 last night," Lyman said.

He said three men arrived at his home Monday night at eight, to begin construction on the ramp.

"They didn't want to wait around and do it. They were ready to do work right than. And in fact they did. They finished it up around 9:30 last night and had the slab ready for concrete," Lyman stated.

"I do believe that God will answer your prayers. We've seen it," Pauline Holland said. "Right now, there's every proof, right outside our door. Till 9:30 last night, they had flashlights. They were using flashlights to put the frame in for the concrete."

Al Collins, with the Retired Volunteer Seniors Program and a member of Triad, installed a reflective address sign on the Hollands' home and a sticker on their front door.

Collins said, "The thing that we do with Triad, more then anything else, is to put out identification signs on mailboxes and houses to make the ambulance or the first responders be able to find the location very easily, very quickly. Because in that environment, every second counts."

The Hollands want to thank everyone who helped and those who offered help saying, "The people in Mississippi are so giving and so wonderful."

South Mississippians are giving. They displayed that after Hurricane Katrina with neighbor helping neighbor and stranger helping stranger. That same generous attitude is still alive and well today.

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