New police chief takes office in Moss Point

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Keith Davis said his dream finally came true Monday night. With his mother by his side, the 40 year old was officially sworn in as the chief of Police of Moss Point. Davis, who was very emotional on this big night, told the crowd of onlookers he is determined to be an example for troubled kids in the community.

"We cannot arrest our way out of this situation; however, we can implement some programs that help children understand that crime is not the way."

The new chief has 17 years of law enforcement experience under his belt. He said he will use that knowledge to restore order inside the police department, as well as put more officers on the streets.

"We are going to put together a crime suppression unit, and they are going to be dedicated to doing nothing but suppressing crime in this community."

Davis also plans to work with the Moss Point Board of Aldermen to hopefully close the city's jail and move inmates to the county jail.

"Liability is number one," Davis said. "We believe we can save on some tax dollars and be better stewards of the citizens' money."

The new chief has already made one major change, the look of the police cars. He feels the new logo is more professional, and looks better than the old red and blue cars that the officers used for patrols.

"We are changing the way we do business."

There a lot citizens, county leaders, and law enforcers who believe Davis will change Moss Point for the better.

"The only place we can go now is up and this chief can take us there," said  Democratic Representative Billy Broomfield.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd had this to say about Davis, "I know his character and I know his integrity, and he is a great, great, asset to the city of Moss Point."

Davis' law enforcement friend, Chattanooga Police Officer Edwin McPherson, echoed Byrd's statement.

"He is full of energy and that is what it takes make a change sometimes," McPherson said. "He is going to be that chief that is going to be out at 1p.m. or 1a.m., I guarantee it."

Davis' most recent job was the captain of investigations for D'Iberville Police. He is replacing former Moss Point chief Sheila Smallman, who was let go by the city back in March.

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