Action Report: Wheelchair bound Gulfport man needs a ramp

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Imagine if your health landed you in a wheelchair. Would you be able to do something as simple as get in and out of your home? That's the dilemma a Gulfport couple now face.

Lyman and Pauline Holland say they have to tackle the front door step at least three days a week. At 74, Lyman receives kidney dialysis, for several hours on each of those days. Pauline says she's having difficulty getting her husband and his wheelchair out of the door and into the automobile. She says they need a ramp.

"I'm not able to push him out in the wheelchair because of the steps, the bumps you have to go over. It's impossible to do that because I have a bad back, and two, I'm legally blind and that causes a problem," Holland stated.

Lyman says dealing with lung and heart issues, in addition to kidney dialysis, has taken a toll on his physical strength and he's forced to use the wheelchair to get around.

"I can't get in and out of the house with it," Lyman said. "I have to put the wheelchair out there and hope I can get out there to the wheelchair because my legs are not what they use to be."

Pauline said a ramp would make their life a whole lot easier.

"Coming up from the sidewalk up into the door right here would help. Would really make a big difference. But right now it's impossible."

Lyman said, "If anybody that can help us out with this, it would be appreciated."

If anyone would like to offer assistance in helping to build a ramp for the Hollands, call (228)604-2238.

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