Underdog Candidate For Sheriff Remains Confident

He's the little known underdog in the race for Harrison County sheriff.

But that doesn't bother Anderson Hall.

Hall faces well known incumbent, George Payne, on November 4th.

Anderson Hall says Sheriff George Payne can be beaten. And he's convinced he's the one to do it. It may be the political equivalent of David versus Goliath. But Hall would remind folks who won that battle.

"People need to realize, if they get out and vote, they can make a change," said Hall, as he outlined his campaign and discussed his chances for beating the incumbant.

Hall says he's wanted to be sheriff as long as he can remember. The candidate is not intimidated by his high profile, better known opponent.

"I've looked around and seen how things are run. And I think I can do better. People deserve better here in Harrison County. And I feel I'm the one that can do it," he said.

Friends and supporters joined Hall at his formal campaign kickoff Tuesday night. At the kickoff party, he picked up some advice and encouragement from former sheriff, Joe Price.

"He told me I know what I'm doing, I worked under Sheriff Price before, and he said just speak from the heart Anderson, and people will know you're sincere in what you say."

One of Hall's campaign platforms is how the sheriff should handle the budget.

"All you have to do it just take and put the people in key locations and have them watch the budget, and what you do and how it goes out. Let the supervisors know how the money's going out, 'cause they're the ones giving you the money, and then just keep a check on everything that's done," Hall explained.

Hall says Harrison County voters need to check on his campaign. He considers himself a serious contender.

"The people, they want a change and they need a change. And I'm that change."

Anderson Hall works for the Bay St. Louis police department. He's currently assigned to Bay High School, where he's the DARE officer.

Next week, WLOX News will profile the incumbent, Harrison County Sheriff George Payne.

By Steve Phillips