MusicFest boosts local business sales

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Gulfport Music Festival made good on it's promise to be a hit for the Coast and drive in sales for local businesses.

Less than 24 hours ago, downtown Gulfport was packed with spectators for the first ever Gulfport Music Festival. Now the streets are empty and the stage is being disassembled.

Sound Associates Incorporated based in Mobile has been working with the MusicFest all week. Workers said they're grateful for the business and that it's one of the biggest events they've seen on the Coast.

"They have the Crawfish Festival and stuff like that, but this was just, this blew the top off all of that," said Beau Premeaux with Sound Associates, Inc.

No official numbers have been released, but for now city officials are confident they met their goal of 10,000 people on the streets of Downtown Gulfport.

"We had a great atmosphere down here and a lot of people showed up. We're very pleased with the turnout," said Gulfport City Council member Robert Flowers.

The event's large turnout also meant massive exposure for local businesses in the newly revitalized downtown area. Business Owners said they too are pleased.

"It brought in thousands of people who probably haven't been here in years so it was great exposure and it was really good exposure for us sales wise," said Lookout steakhouse owner Robert Stinson.

Stinson said Saturday sales for Lookout Steakhouse were much better than Friday, but in either case, the exposure was priceless.

"I think it was more important, the exposure that we got, sales were about even to what we did the week before and I think it was a whole new clientele base and it was fantastic to see activity in Downtown Gulfport," Stinson explained.

"We are more than pleased and amazed. It's been a wonderful experience not just for our customers, our employees. They all worked their little butts off and I'm sure everybody made a pocket full of cash," said E-O Club owner Donna Breazeale.

So even though the stage is coming down, Premeaux said he's already counting down the days for next year's music fest.

"More work for the city. Gulfport did a great job keeping everything situated. You know with local law enforcement and all that. Everything went well we all look forward to it next year," Premeaux said.