Saving our Sisters a big hit on the coast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Saving Our Sisters (S.O.S.) made it's way back to the coast for the fourth year in a row. The group focuses on empowering young women in the area to be the best they can be.

With the support of numerous sponsors, the Saving Our Sisters Summit made it's way back to the Coast Coliseum. The event had a very big turnout, and organizers say they very pleased with the way things panned out.

Kelly Green is preparing to go off to college next fall, and after attending Saturday's Saving Our Sisters Summit, she said she'll being going with a new attitude.

"I would like to better myself in different ways and help others like little girls who are coming up and don't really have what I had growing up," Green said.

Green and hundreds of other girls attended this years summit which featured intimate seminars, special guest speakers and musical acts, all with one focus: stressing the importance of striving for excellence, in every aspect of life.

"The importance of having this event is to assure that we, as adults mentor our girls and lead them in the right direction. Hopefully, the main purpose of today is to decrease teen pregnancy in the state of Mississippi," said Sonya Williams, Event Coordinator.

Aside from trying to lower the state's alarming pregnancy rates, there was also a lot of emphasis put on making good choices. Jamie and Gladys Scott, commonly referred to as "the Scott sisters," were glad to address the crowd for that purpose. The Scott Sisters spent 16 years in prison following a controversial sentence over an eleven dollar armed robbery.

"If my story can help a youth turn their life around, then I'm more than happy to tell it and tell them how bad choices can turn around and make you, and how your choices are going to have a reaction and every reaction has a consequence," said Scott.

"By reaching down and teaching students and children of the community, we're able to impart in them what it takes to be successful. They're looking at professionals; they're looking at teachers; they're looking at community members who have made good choices," said Shannon Vincent, S.O.S. leader.

Organizers said the program went better than expected and even if just a few girls walked away with a positive mindset, then their mission was accomplished. If attendees like Kelly Green are an example, then I guess it's safe to say the day was a success.

"Just having the women from different aspects of life come and tell us their story, it was very inspirational," Green said.

Organizers said the event has been so successful over the years, that they are inspired to create a non-profit foundation. By doing so, they will be able to host similar events throughout the year.

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