Some in Waveland want to be 'de-annexed'

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Some people in Waveland no longer want to be a part of the city. They've launched a campaign to reverse the annexation that brought them into the city limits in 2006.

June first marks the fifth year anniversary of the Fayard family becoming citizens of Waveland.

"After so many years of being annexed to the city, I still live on a dirt road. Why is it taking so long for them to actually pave a road?" Tommy Fayard asked.

Fayard is one of 75 residents in the annexed area who have signed a petition in hopes of having his area revert back to county control. Brice Phillips is another.

"The annexed residents out here that were annexed still have no water, no sewer," Phillips said.

City leaders say that's only partially correct.

"The city is now in the process of completing a $6 million water project. It covers the whole annexed area," said Waveland's Public Works Director Brent Anderson.

Anderson told WLOX News more than 360 residents will soon be connected to the city's water system.

"We're going to start going in asking the citizens for rights of entry to tie in water meters from the new city lines out there to their residences at no cost to them."

But Phillips said, "I'm still on a septic tank and a well."

City leaders said they are working on providing sewer system to the area.

"A lot of grants just are not available for the funding. But it's not something that we've given up on. We're still working on that," Anderson said.

Waveland resident Wesley Benson is not optimistic.

"With all of the lawsuits and financial troubles, I really don't see them being able to come in here with sewerage."

"Waveland's still broke," Fayard said. "So how long is Waveland going to be broke? I think Waveland needs to give it back over to the county and let the county take care of it."

City leaders say the new fire station going up on Highway 90 will provide better fire protection to the area.

The petition committee has 75 signatures so far, but will need 20-percent of the registered voters in the annexed area to take the issue to court. If the committee is successful in getting the signatures needed, they will have to file the petition in Chancery Court after June 1st.

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