Harrison County employees pay it forward to tornado victims

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - In the Harrison County Road Works building on Loraine Road in Gulfport, boxes are piling up and workers are busy prepping two mobile buildings.  All of this work is being done to help Mississippi neighbors devastated by tornados.

"We're gathering supplies to go to Leaksville, Mississippi, on the 21st. We're just paying it forward. We're doing the same thing that people done for us during Katrina," said Harrison County employee Mike Wilson.

Almost immediately after the first devastating tornado touched down in Mississippi a few weeks ago, Harrison County employees banded together to collect supplies, food, and cloths to help victims.

"These are charitable people. These are public servants. We know we've been blessed by so many people across this world. Certainly, when it's in your own back yard, fellow Mississippians, our employees rose to the occasion," said Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman.

Employees have collected everything from baby clothes to bottled water and kitchen supplies.  All of this will be delivered by the county on May 21. The county will also deliver a trailer full of building supplies to the town.

"Much is given, much is expected. We've received so much here in South Mississippi. We're so blessed. It's our job to pass those blessing along. And, that's what we're doing," said Swetman.

While all of these supplies are collected and delivered by Harrison County employees, residents are also encouraged to help out, for a very simple reason.

"Remember Katrina.  That should be enough," said Wilson.

Employees say they will collect supplies at the work station, located at 10076 Lorraine Road, as long as supplies are needed.

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