Reeves launches his initial TV ad in bid to become Lt. Governor

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you watched WLOX on Thursday, you saw Tate Reeves' first television commercial as a Lieutenant Governor candidate.  The republican's ad features his daughter Tyler.

After the ad ran, the Reeves campaign sent out a news release about the ad, and an email to supporters.  "With your help our campaign has out-raised every statewide candidate on the way to breaking fundraising records for races for Lt. Governor in this state," the Reeves team said.  "We received contributions from all 82 counties in Mississippi, totaling more than $724,000 during the first four months of this year and giving us more than $2,100,000 in the bank to fund our campaign.  Thanks to the broad support you've given us, we've been able to launch our first television ad of the campaign."

Reeves is the current state treasurer.  He's running for Lt. Governor in the republican primary against Gulfport Senator Billy Hewes.

Reeves' ad will run in the following media markets:  Jackson, Memphis, Columbus-Tupelo, Meridian, Laurel-Hattiesburg, and Biloxi.  The campaign has said it intends to sustain its television advertising campaign through Election Day, August 2nd.

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