D'Iberville firefighters continue to collect relief supplies

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - For as long as the people of Greene County need the help, D'Iberville firefighters say they'll keep collecting relief supplies. The fire department started a drive for Leaksville tornado victims last week. Now what the community is being asked to give has changed slightly.

D'Iberville firefighters are well on their way to filling a trailer with relief supplies for a second time. Firefighters dropped off the first load in Leaksville on Monday.

"I'm not going to say I'm surprised by the amounts of donations we're getting, but I'm very pleased by the amount of donations that we're receiving," said Jay Williams, a fire training officer. "They're steadily coming."

Inside were diapers, food, and quite a few clothes. Greene County Emergency Officials say they starting to become overwhelmed by clothing.

"They're running out of storage room for clothing so if we could kind of maybe hold off on the clothing a little bit that would be great," said Williams. "They're really for personal hygiene items, baby items, lots of baby items. Of course, non-perishable food items because they're running out of a lot of that stuff quick."

Williams said Green County officials will take whatever items they can't use will be forwarded to other tornado affected areas so the coast's generosity could touch even more people.

"We've not partnered up with Long Beach Fire Department. They're going to take donations from the west side of the county," said Williams. "We're going to take them from the east and we're going to combine our efforts and we're going to bring them up. "