Erosion eating away bulkhead at Pascagoula inner harbor

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - At first glance, the Pascagoula Inner Harbor is a sight of beauty, with all the big boats and nature surrounding the water. But if you look closer around the harbor, there's a major problem.

"The bulkhead is old, and it is eroding in places; it has a lot of holes in it," Cole said.

Bo Cole and Darcie Crew head the recreation department that oversees the harbor. They first started to really notice the bulkhead was in bad shape after Hurricane Katrina gave it a beating.

"I started taking some pictures of it, so we have been talking about for a while to try to get some work done here."

Darcie Crew even pointed out a spot where part of the retaining wall is now gone.

"It has actually fallen in to the water, and actually over the last couple of years, it has eroded sections of land going toward Lake View Drive."

Both Crew and Cole now fear the erosion may get worse.

"Some action needs to happen very soon," Crew said. "We are at risk of losing city infrastructure, to include the land behind the bulkhead, as well as sewer, water lines, gas lines as well as the streets."

It will cost $1.2 million to replace the bulkhead with sturdier and stronger material. Crew and Cole are working to get some of the repair money from the city, as well as, state and federal grants.

"We are hoping to get this done as soon as possible, but we also understand the downturn in the economy has not helped our tax situation, our revenue situation," said Crew.

The city also charges a slip fee at the harbor, so Crew and Cole said a little of that money could also be used to fix the problem and help make this harbor safer.

Crew said the city will also need another $500,000 for dredging and minor repair work at the harbor.

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