Lucky Family Strikes It Rich At Isle

Monday, the Natale family of Saucier proved that Poker is a family affair.

Three members of their family entered Isle of Capri's $200,000 Caribbean stud poker playoff. They hoped that just one of them would win something.

To their surprise, all three won! The top prize? $100,000. 196 players started in the Isle's Caribbean Poker stud playoff. Thirty five players made it into the finals, but only ten of them would take home any money.

It took 20 hands and a tense hour and a half before the Natale family came out on top. Peter senior and his wife JoAnn placed fourth and eighth.

"It's very exciting. We were just hoping any one of the three of us would have made it in to the top ten. Luckily, we all did," JoAnn Natale said.

Mrs. Natale won $4,000, her husband got $1,500.

But that's peanuts compared to what their son, Peter Natale, Junior won - $100,000.

I asked Peter how his family has so many good poker players? He says, "The cards have to fall that way. I don't know if it's cause we're good, or just really lucky."

Isle officials say $200,000 is the largest purse offered in a poker playoff tournament on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.