'Junkin' Comes To South Mississippi

Did you ever think that something you've discarded could be the focus of a television program? A TV show called 'Junkin' came to South Mississippi, Sunday. It's a reality show, whose hosts travel the south looking for junk.

"The two hosts of our show, Val and Dave, they're the Junkin experts. They're the ones that go in and buy all the junk," producer Barry Schuch said.

Schuch followed his crew from booth to booth at the A-1 Tradeworld Sunday.

"We go to flea markets, yard sales and we do house calls, we don't claim to be experts in antiques or junk, we just buy stuff that we think people will like," Schuch said.

The stuff Dave and Val buy is showcased and then placed at auction on E-bay.

"Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. We may buy an item for a dollar and sell it for $20, or we may by an item for dollar and it doesn't get a single bid," Schuch said.

"I look for unusual and neat stuff," cameraman Randy Liner said.

Liner is a camera operator for the show. He frequently films the hosts buying unique items.

"Everything has a story behind it, and if there's not a real story then they'll make something up and that's fun too. In fact they bought, stuff they don't even know what it does. You know they'll pick up something and try to get a good story out of it," Liner said.

"Come on we've got vintage, we got junk and we got garbage, everything you can think of," flea market vendor Victor Aversano said.

Victor Aversano has a story for each of his items. You can be the judge: is he telling the truth or blowing smoke up this customer's leg?

"I took pictures of Marilyn Monroe with that old camera, before she became famous," Aversano said to a customer.

And, Long Beach resident Bill Kapp shared some of his junk knowledge with Junkin's hosts. He's discussed the price of items.

"They did buy a strainer I had here and I didn't want to sell it, but they met my price I just didn't want to sell it, it's a nice piece," Kapp said.

Just goes to show how faint the line is between treasure and junk.

The show will air on Turner South in about a month. Check your local listings for time and availability.