First new dolphins since Katrina coming to Gulfport

(Photo source: IMMS)
(Photo source: IMMS)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Two new dolphins are making their home in Gulfport, and they're the first to do so since Hurricane Katrina.

Buster and Bo are a male and female pair of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. They'll make their media debut Tuesday at the Center for Marine Education and Research at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.

During the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, the facility plans to offer Dolphin Encounter and Dolphin Interaction Programs.

Dolphin Encounters will allow guests can experience the joy of befriending a dolphin up close.

In the Dolphin Interaction Program patrons will be able to get in the water with the dolphins and feed, play and enjoy the dolphins.

These programs include an educational presentation and time with the dolphins.

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