After weekend jailbreak: "They're re-evaluating everything"

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Saturday's jail break at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center was discussed briefly at Monday's Board of Supervisors' meeting. Board President Windy Swetman asked what steps have been taken to prevent future escapes.

Christian Potts, 20, of Gulfport, was being held in one of the outdoor jail pods when he knocked down a guard and made it over the fence. Potts was captured less than two hours later in an area near Dedeaux Road.

"It's a little alarming that it seemed like someone could just that easily push down a guard and boom, they're gone. They're over the interstate and in a neighborhood," Supervisor Windy Swetman said.

Vandy Mitchell with the sheriff's department told supervisors that inmates kept in the pods were moved inside temporarily while security measures were reviewed.

"They're re-evaluating everything," Vandy Mitchell said. "And before they're moved back in, it will be covered."

Mitchell did not specify if any changes in security procedures were made following the weekend escape.

The inmate who escaped from the pods was serving a 10 day sentence on misdemeanor charges. He now faces two felony charges after assaulting the guard and escaping from jail.

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