Bricklayers working on Moss Point City Hall are owed money

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The city of Moss Point is taking a giant step forward with a beautiful project underway in the downtown: a brand new City Hall.

JC Duke and Associates out of Mobile is the general contractor. All-American Electric was hired to do the electrical and brick work and All-American owner Butch Buras hired a sub-contractor, Johnny Rogers Masonry.

The brick work on the new building has been suspended. The problem? Many of the bricklayers say they haven't been paid in full.

Wallace Coleman said, "I had been working out there about four months, but I've only been paid twice."

Gulfport bricklayer Wayne Coleman says he's owed $1,300 and he takes pride in the work that he does.

"I always try to do a good job when it comes to brick work. I was taught by one of the best in Gulfport and I enjoy doing the work, but when I do the work and can't get paid, it seems like I'm being used some kind of way," Coleman stated.

Coleman says he needs his money.

"It puts me in a financial bind as far as paying my rent, as far as making groceries. I'm trying to raise a little granddaughter of mine, me and my wife."

Five other bricklayers talked with me, but didn't want their faces shown on television.

The subcontractor, Johnny Rogers Masonry, told me he is no longer on the job and he's owed about $8,000.

I contacted Butch Buras, owner of All-American Electric, on my cell phone and he confirmed some bricklayers are owed money.

He told me, "Once I get the hours and the social security numbers of the bricklayers, I will make sure my company will cut the men a check."

Buras says he's in the process of hiring another Brick sub-contractor to finish Moss Point City Hall job.

As of 5:00 p.m. Monday Buras did not show up at the work site to pay the workers. Buras eventually returned our calls and said he hasn't received any paperwork to pay the workers. He promised to work toward getting everyone paid, but wouldn't give any kind of timetable for when that might happen.

A foreman on the job told me that eleven workers have not been paid in full.

WLOX news will have another Action Report to follow-up on why these men have not been paid.

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