Pass Christian paying it forward

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - In the months and years after Katrina, the City of Pass Christian, like many coastal cities, operated out of temporary MEMA trailers. While they weren't ideal to run a local government out of, they were a step towards recovery.

Now, the community of Smithville is picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through the town.  So, to help them recover, Pass Christian is sending a remaining MEMA trailer to house Smithville City Hall.

"We feel like, you know kind of like the Bible Quotes. If someone was given a lot, a lot's expected of them.  We were given a lot after Katrina and we are more than welcome to do that," said Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott.

The trailers were first provided by MEMA, and it was a MEMA official that asked the city to help.  Pass officials were happy to pass on the aid they once received.

"We had to call a special meeting to get the Board of Alderman in.  They stopped everything they were doing to hold this special meeting," said McDermott.

The city also sent several of its first responders to help out in both Mississippi and Alabama.

For a city that has seen destruction, and lived through it, the Mayor has some advice for the communities now trying to start over.

"They'll just have to have their faith in the people of Mississippi and the United States. Because they got us out of this and they will get them out of that too," said McDermott.

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