Drivers could see a decrease in fuel costs this summer

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - As prices at the pump continue to rise, so do the frustrations of many motorists, but according to some analysts that may all change sooner than you think.

A recent study by Oil Analysts with the Oil Price Information Service predicts a nearly 50 cent drop in gas prices next month. A much needed change considering how many citizens are angered at the outlandish prices they see at the pump.

In all, the expected 50 cent difference would save American motorists a whopping $189,000,000 a day. Motorists along the coast are hopeful the idea of a price decrease will  become a reality.

"Man they're actually too high. You've got to buy an economy card just to afford the gas prices. You've got to buy cards that you don't even want, just to get gas," said John Buckingham of Greenwood.

At an anticipated average around $3.50 a gallon, the price of gas will still be relatively high considering what it once was, but many drivers said even the slightest decrease would be appreciated.

"You change what you do. You really do. You make each trip count. Where I would think nothing of driving across the bridge for a loaf of bread. Well I wouldn't do that now. I'll do without, like everybody. We're all suffering," said Patricia Martin.

The price of oil dropped 15 percent in price this week. That, plus a dwindling demand for gasoline in the US verses the rise in oil supply, caused some investors to worry, hence the drop in price.

Fuel costs have steadily increased since January. With the seeming never ending climb, a few drivers have learned to cope with the change, or lack thereof.

"It don't make no difference because we're still gonna buy. We're still gonna travel. Just pay the price and if it comes down it comes down, if it doesn't just pay the price," said Mary Wahl.

Several drivers in on the Gulf Coast said they obviously hope the prices go down, but if they don't they're not going to waste their time complaining about it.

Analysts warn that drivers may not notice the change at first. In fact, some areas may even increase prices before they drop.