Mother cheers on kids as they compete in national BBQ cook off

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The national spotlight is shining on the Shed Barbeque and Blues joint once again. The Owner Brad Orrison and his sister Brooke Lewis will show off their cooking skills on the Food Network. And their number one cheerleader and mom, Linda Orrison, couldn't be more excited.

Instead of Linda using this Mother's Day to enjoy some ribs at the Shed Barbeque Joint in Ocean Springs, she had her mind on other things.

"There is going to be a challenge called "The Best In Smoke" and Brad, and Brooke, and the Shed are on it, so I want you to be sure and watch it," Linda told a customer.

As usual Linda is putting her kids first and letting everyone at The Shed know about their national television appearance Sunday night on the Food Network.

"It feels good, it feels good. There is more coming in June and some in July, so it feels great and they look beautiful on TV," Linda said about her kids.

The mom said unlike the top secret sauce at the Shed that helps make this food so delicious, there's really no secret to parenting. She just always supported her three children and taught the value of hard work.

"We put them to work when they were four-years-old," Linda said. "We own a camp ground and if they wanted candy bar, they had to go and earn the money to get the candy bar. At that time, they were picking up cigarette butts for a cent a piece."

Linda said she also preaches family before fame.

"You can have fame and they are gaining a lot of fame. Fame can go away really fast, but not the bond that we all have."

Brad said his mom is something special and she's played a major part in all his accomplishments.

"I have needed a lot of support, I will tell you that," Brad said.

Brad said he just wants his role model to know he loves her. He is also eager for his mom to see the fruits of her labor on National TV.

Linda along with dozens of others will be cheering on Brad and his sister Brooke on Food Network's "Best In Smoke" at 9 o'clock on Sunday Nights. The brother and sister team could win $50,000 in this barbeque cook off.

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