Gulfport Students honor local Veterans

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Students from Westminster Academy were on a roll Saturday as they brought in big bucks in honor of a local veteran.

The group rented out Island Strikes in Gulfport for about three hours to host the fundraiser that featured bowling, raffles, games and much more. With about 80 participants, organizers say the event was a success.

It's obviously not Veteran's Day, but that didn't stop Westminster Academy Students from hitting the lanes in honor of our Military Heroes. The Bowling fundraiser is the result of a little inspiration the kids received in the classroom.

"Each year Westminster Academy picks a theme, and this year our theme was destination boot camp. So our children have spent the year studying about the different branches of the military," said Westminster Parent Teacher Association President Raquel Eubanks.

With their new knowledge of the military, the group decided the perfect way to end the course would be to honor a local veteran.

"I had spoken with several organizations in the community, the VA hospital the paralyzed veterans association, as well as, a few veterans I know personally. And Mr. Mulvihill's name was given to me through someone I had a personal contact with, and I called them and spoke with him, heard his story and thought he was a wonderful person to sponsor," said Eubanks.

Patrick Mulvihill entered the Marine Core in 1967 after graduating from high school. While fighting in the Vietnam War, he sustained some life changing injuries, but he said it was still a valuable experience. Though he appreciates the recognition, he said he only did what was expected of him.

"I think it's wonderful. I'm really not a hero by any means, but I really appreciate them having me," said Mulvihill.

Mulvihill said though the event was in his honor, it's important that we were remember all veterans for the sacrifices they make.

"Freedom is not free. There's a high price that comes with it. The America people I think, in the last few years have looked back and come to the conclusion that hey, anybody that puts that uniform on needs to have our thanks and recognition," said Mulvihill.

Organizers estimate that the group was able to raise about $1,500.

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