Sheriff on escapee: "How stupid can you be?"

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A man who was set to spend just 10 days behind bars faces a lot more time in jail after officials say he tried to make a break for freedom.

Sheriff Melvin Brisolara told WLOX News that Christian Edward Potts escaped the Harrison County Adult Detention Center around 10am Saturday.

Potts was being housed in one of the temporary pods. The sheriff said when a guard was unlocking the gate, Potts pushed the guard down, hopped the fence and crossed Interstate 10. Biloxi Police captured him about an hour and a half later in the Orange Grove area.

Sheriff Brisolara said Potts was originally arrested early Thursday morning on a Simple Domestic Violence charge. He had a court appearance Friday where he pleaded guilty to resisting arrest, and not guilty to domestic assault. He was sentenced 10 days for resisting arrest, according to the sheriff.

"How stupid can you be?" Sheriff Brisolara asked. "Here's a guy in on two misdemeanors, and now he's facing two more felony charges. I don't know what goes through these people's minds."

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