Car hits 7-year-old boy in Hancock County

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Around 4pm, a 7-year-old boy was hit by a vehicle on Rocky Hill Dedeaux Road. Logan Necaise was flown to Mobile, AL, for surgery on his two broken legs. He is also suffering from a possible concussion and a compound fracture.

Sources tell WLOX News that the accident did not involve a school bus, and Logan was picked up at school on Thursday afternoon by his aunt.

Hancock County Investigator Brandon Norman told WLOX News that Necaise was trying to cross the street when a car hit the child. The driver of the car swerved to avoid him, but couldn't avoid the collision.

Investigators believe Logan only stepped about one or two feet into the road when he was struck. There is no suspicion of drugs or alcohol and officials are not sure about the speed of the vehicle.

Investigator Norman said there was a garage sale going on across the street, and that is where Logan was trying to go.

The only involvement with the school bus was that the bus was stopped at a stop sign near the road, and the driver witnessed the accident.

No word on any charges against the driver of the car.

Officials said Necaise is the son of Carmen Necaise who previously worked as a 911 dispatch operator in Hancock County.

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