Male Student Wants In The All Female Homecoming Court

Josh Rachal is a sophomore at Jeff Davis campus in Gulfport. He wants to be the first man on the all-girl homecoming court, but the school says no way.

"They didn't show me any rules when I started this. They didn't say, 'well this is why', they just said 'you're a guy'. So yeah, I think this is a case of discrimination."

School officials say since 1911 the rules have been only female students can make up the homecoming court.

"I'm not tryin' to make some great statement as much as I wanna say it should just be. If there's one thing for one side, if there's this for the girls, where's this for the guys."

Rachal says he even got enough nominations to be on the ballot, but the administration won't let him run.

"We have a student council association who addresses student issues and the young man has been briefed, from what I understand. If he would like to submit a proposal and go through our student council and go through the correct process, there's a possibility that this could change," Student Services Dean Jeff Donahoe says.

A couple of students gave us opposing views.

"It's tradition and this has been going on for years and years. We've always had a homecoming queen. If he wants to be in homecoming then there should be a homecoming king, therefore he can be there," student Sarah Logan says.

"I think if he wants to be on it, he should. I know it's tradition that it's all women. I don't know, I guess I'm a modernist and whatever, I don't know. I gotta respect him for wantin' to do that," Marcus Jordan says.

Rachal says he won't be at J.D. next year, and has lost his chance to change the rules for himself. But he says he will keep fighting for other male students who may want to break tradition. Rachal is a secondary education major but he told us after this experience, he may go into politics.